Inner Glow Illustration
Much like a painter on canvas... I will leave a beautiful mark on this world.
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     My name is Mykel Terrell. I’ve had a deep love and passion for art as long as I can remember. I started drawing and making art when I was young but I never really thought I would take it this far. When you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up you’re usually going to get an answer that’s over the top, but as a kid I guess I was a little bit more realistic. I had no idea what I wanted to do, I mean I was 8. Even in high school when I really took on the mantle of being an artist, I still wasn't confident enough in the work I did to believe that I could make a career out of it. I was fortunate enough to have a very supportive network of people who appreciated my art, but they praised my efforts regardless of the quality. It would have been easy to stop there and allow my hobby to flourish. But that’s what separates those who create for fun and those who create professionally. I wasn’t satisfied with merely getting praise from others, I needed to improve until I felt confident in my own skills as an artist. Don't get me wrong, art is still my passion and I still love creating, but at some point art has become a pivotal part of your life. It's work now, and it needs to be taken seriously sometimes. Now this is officially where I am in life. Creation is a tough yet rewarding career and I will never stop pushing forward. Even when I take a moment to look back and marvel at how far I’ve come, my thirst to become better will never be quenched. That’s a curse I bear with pride.

Suit Up

Follow the rookie agents Palmer and Waters on their first recovery mission in the dark corners of Endsville. what secrets will the find below the city of Vision.

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