Inner Glow Illustration
Much like a painter on canvas... I will leave a beautiful mark on this world.
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The First Inspiration...

 It wasn't till my later years in college that I discovered I had a real nac for animation. looking back on it, the things that got me most excited about digital media were masterfully animated scenes from the various media I consumed. right now I would say my strengths lie with in character animation. my experience studying facial anatomy mixed with my causal method acting skills makes for a great eye for displaying subtle micro expression the help breath life in to the characters I work with. though my main skill set is currently based around illustration and environment design I jump ant any opportunity to get more animation practice under my belt no matter if its animating a character or simply editing video and special effects. in the perfect world when I have a career on my own i'll be able to sit down to truly perfect my animation skill for my own personal projects.


Suit Up

Follow the rookie agents Palmer and Waters on their first recovery mission in the dark corners of Endsville. what secrets will the find below the city of Vision.

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