Inner Glow Illustration
Much like a painter on canvas... I will leave a beautiful mark on this world.
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It all starts with the basics...

I've been an artist since I was in elementary school. But I'll be real when I say that I didn't start really getting good till about 2010 and even then not until I started embracing the basic principals of design, figure drawing and anatomy. I was like many self-taught artists until I started embracing a lot of these techniques of the medium. I started just like any body else, on sketch pad and paper. As I moved forward I started to turn to the digital medium. I hated it. I’ve had many artists share with me that "it just doesn't feel like the real thing" and I agreed. But I pushed forward. Every time the voice in my head said my work was bad I pushed forward even harder. Eventually my hard work got noticed and I started to see a small demand for my talent, whether it was collaborative or commission based.

Tools of the trade...

 All though I’ve worked in a few programs for illustration my go-to program is Photoshop.. I really like Photoshop because of its flexibility to handle just about any project from graphic design to illustration and even being a large helping hand in 3D work. I’ve done work In Corel Painter, and I even briefly preferred it to Photoshop because of the traditional media simulation. For a while that was acceptable, but over time I've run into enough examples of Photoshop being the popular industry standard, and I decided to stay focused and push my limits in one program. I've had a fair amount of experience in Illustrator. Although a lot of it comes from college, I’ve run into a couple of professional design jobs that required me to work with the program.




Suit Up

Follow the rookie agents Palmer and Waters on their first recovery mission in the dark corners of Endsville. what secrets will the find below the city of Vision.

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