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Much like a painter on canvas... I will leave a beautiful mark on this world.
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The road less traveled...

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where you ask yourself, "What are you gonna do for the rest of your life? Is this just a hobby, or are you serious?" I guess I seriously asked myself that question in my early college career. For awhile I would always say "I want to be a concept artist" as a knee jerk reaction but I've gotten more mature, and learned more about what I want. The real answer is "I want help create something that tells a story to the world". For me, that could take any form. An illustration, a comic, a movie, or a game. With that on my mind, I decided the best skillset I could develop would be 3D modeling.

It was rough at first. 3D modeling is so much different than anything I had done before. But with hard work and determination, over time I began to gain confidence in the in the 3D environment. First I learned Maya and eventually I was confident enough to produce good work and impress my peers, but for me that was only a start. Now I am currently working on my skills in Zbrush. Once I feel confident in the 3d pipeline for film, I set my sights on game pipeline and the Unreal Engine. I want to push my skills to a professional level, and continue to grow, until I can produce the kind of quality work I see in the design aspect of the games and movies I love. .



Suit Up

Follow the rookie agents Palmer and Waters on their first recovery mission in the dark corners of Endsville. what secrets will the find below the city of Vision.

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